Explore the Reef and Marine Life

Explore the Reef

If you feel like doing something a little more active than just soaking up the sun, grab your mask and snorkel and jump overboard and discover why Fiji is known as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”. Scattered across roughly 1.3 million square kilometers of the South Pacific, Fiji has one of the most extensive coral reef systems in the world and offers unparalleled marine biodiversity. With around 1000 species of fish and several hundred types of coral and sponges, you will be spoilt with unique snorkeling.

If you’re onboard between May and October, you may be lucky enough to swim with the Manta Rays. You will be blown away when these elegant, majestic creatures dance underneath you. You will start recognizing them by their unique sucker fish that partner them as they gracefully somersault through the water waltzing to their silent orchestra. You will come onboard awed and humbled to have witnessed such a sight. Manta Rays are one of the largest fish in the ocean, some span as big as 6.5metres and feed in Fiji during the cooler months. Unlike their sting ray cousins, Manta Rays have no barbed tail and are harmless to humans feeding on microscopic krill.

When you are out sailing – keep your eyes peeled for what looks like floating logs as Fiji is also home to five species of turtles. The most famous being the Hawksbill Turtle, which are now a protected species. You will enjoy swimming and snorkeling in our moderate water temperature and the visibility is a photographers dream.