uniQue has two roomy and light double cabins in each hull, with a maximum of six overnight guests on your charter. With at least two opening hatches in each cabin there is plenty of natural airflow, but for your comfort all cabins are fully air-conditioned and have individual controllers within each cabin.

Your forward cabins have two opening hatches and a side porthole to keep an eye on the world.

Your aft cabins have three opening hatches, one overlooking the aft lower deck and side porthole.

You will be enjoying swimming, snorkeling and sailing too much to spend much time in your cabin, but when you do slip into bed, your sheets are 1000 count Egyptian cotton and are bliss to slide into after a fun filled day.

Each cabin has a hanging wardrobe and storage shelves.

You can charge your cameras and phones in your cabin on 240 power point plugs, reading lights and cabin lights ensure your safety and comfort during the night.

Each hull has a shared large bathroom with a standard flushing toilet and separate shower.

In the hallway of the port hull you will find the “Nav Station” which houses all the instrument panels